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Featuring Nikki!

Here at Evelyn Bridal, we like to treat all of our clients like family because we as a staff are a family. So this month’s we want to showcase one of our most cherished family members, Sales Rep Nichole Silmon.

Nikki, as we call her, hosted last week’s Bridal Show at The Chicago Market and live streamed our La Prima Collection daily on Instagram.

Many of you know her since she reps almost all of our territories. She has been in this position for almost three years and has worked for us as a model for three years prior.

Known for her bright personality and diligent customer service; Nikki loves working with bridal shops and fulfilling their wedding gown needs.

“If you want a designer that really cares and will go above and beyond for you as a bridal salon, Evelyn Bridal has to be the best at that,” says Nikki. “Jonathan and the team will do everything in our power to make the bride’s day feel as special as we can.  You want a veil to match your dress?  No problem, consider it done!”

Nikki works with Bridal Shops from all over! “I will be your personal contact to talk over all our collections, email and call you with our newest catalog's, and check in to see how our dresses are selling and if you need anything at all!"

Nikki loves Bridal Shows! She especially had fun in Chicago showcasing our new La Prima Collection!

“The Bridal Shows are so much fun!  It's like a bunch of friends coming together to shop and talk bridal dresses!  Plus it's a reason for us all to dress up!” says Nikki.

We hope that all of you who attended the bridal market, stopped by and had some fun with Nikki and all of us at Evelyn Bridal!

With Love,

Evelyn Bridal


Feel Beautiful, Be Beautiful

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