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3 Swoon-Worthy Ball Gown Styles for the Modern Bride!

Trends come and go in bridal fashion, but one gown, we can say with absolute certainty, will endure. Yes ladies, we’re talking about the ball gown! And while ball gowns have always been the preferred style for the ‘classic bride,’ we’re now seeing a lot more interest from brides-to-be everywhere who really want that princess look for their big day.

Now that’s not to say every ball gown is ‘princessy.’ In fact, there is a ball gown for every bride out there - from clean and understated, to revealing and sexy, to pretty and sparkly all over!

We’ve put together a few of our favorites from our most recent collections to illustrate the variety of design options you can select from if you’re considering this timeless silhouette for your wedding.

An elegant understated ball gown from our Fall 2018 collection, Audrey’s bodice is bejeweled with crystals and her skirt is simple and soft, creating a beautiful and effortless balance of sparkle and simplicity. Audrey is perfect for a garden wedding, but she’s also a stunning option for a sophisticated ballroom wedding.

Understated ball gown with beaded top and simple tulle skirt.
Audrey's bejeweled bodice adds a touch of drama while maintaining its elegant simplicity.

For the bride who wants more sparkle without compromising elegance, Corinna has layers of sparkly tulle and an elegant lace bodice, not to mention the most beautiful train with peeking tulle and embellished lace appliques. Corinna has that perfect princess look for a ballroom or any other elegant wedding venue.

Ball gown with sparkly tulle skirt and lace details.
Layers or sparkly tulle and peeking lace details adorn the gown's skirt.


3. Nora

Now, if you’re looking for a sexy twist on the traditional ball gown, our Nora is exactly that. She boasts a pronounced sweetheart neckline we love, layers of soft tulle, 3D floral appliques, and a structured strapless see-through bodice that fits just beautifully. Nora makes a marvelous option for a romantic outdoor wedding with a stunning background--picture beautiful green mountains and dreamy skies.

Ball gown with structured bodice and full skirt.
Nora's structured bodice flatters the figure by adding support and narrowing the torso.

As you can see, when it comes to ball gowns, there’s no shortage of options. If you’re going to rock this enduring silhouette, you’ll definitely want to keep your wedding theme and venue in mind, as well as how voluminous and traditional you’ll want your ball gown to be. Most importantly, though, pick the gown that makes you feel truly special--this is, after all, the most important dress you’ll ever wear!


Gown 1. Audrey S182101 | Model: @therealfrankiee | Photography: @letsmakeamemory

Hair: | Makeup: @halimcgowan.mua

Gown 2. Corinna 18964 | Model 1: @kaylamicheltopp Model 2: @gracieedelight | Photography: @wesleyyen & @carissamiranda & @gracieedelight

Gown 3. Nora 17838 | Model: @kaylamicheltopp | Photography: @wesleyyen & @carissamiranda



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