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Bridal Bliss Unveiled: Discovering Elegance at Bride and Jewel Co in Cottage Grove MN

Embarking on the journey to find the perfect wedding dress is an exciting adventure, especially when nestled in the charming town of Cottage Grove, MN. Amidst the bridal boutiques, Bride and Jewel Co stands out as a gem in this quaint community. We are so excited to have Brooke, the creator and owner of this beautiful wedding and prom dress store, sharing her insight on all things wedding and gowns! Join us on a virtual tour through the allure of bridal elegance, as we explore the unique offerings and timeless beauty that Bride and Jewel Co brings to brides-to-be in Cottage Grove! From their beautiful pink couch to all the elegant decorative details in their shop to their incredible gown collection, this is a shop brides need to make a stop at!

How did you get your shop started/how did you get into the industry? 

I was a wedding planner for a few years and then about 6 years ago while working as the manager of revenue cycle in Healthcare just for fun I decided to work in a bridal shop as I always dreamed of opening my own but didn't know anything about the business so I worked there and found that I just loved it. I realized that is what I wanted to do long term and had to wait until after Covid and the economy to become somewhat stable again to open up my shop. A few friends said to me recently what would you do if you could do what you love? And I replied with I would open up my own bridal shop. To which they replied then you should do just that. So with the help of the MN score organization that helped me with a business plan and projections, I was able to make my dream come true.

Tell us about a bridal fashion trend you're excited about at the moment. 

I'm really excited about the floral and 3d floral look to gowns and overall various color fashion. I think brides are really wanting not only floral but colors. I'm also a huge fan of the corset look and that is really on the rise. It will be fun to see what the next few years bring. 

If a 2024 bride came into your shop today, what would be your best advice for them? 

Wear what makes you feel most beautiful and also comfortable. Be true to yourself and what best represents your personality and how you want to express yourself on your big day.

Describe your ideal bridal gown for a destination wedding. 

Depends on the destination. If you're going to Scotland to a castle as I have had many brides say lately then I think a gown fit for a queen is in order. However, if you're going to a beach or the Bahamas then I would always recommend something light and something that makes you feel beautiful but that is also airy.

If you were a bride today, which Evelyn Bridal gown would you choose and why? 

If I were a bride today, I would choose Savannah. I absolutely love the corset top with the sparkle details and then the light and airy a line skirt with the unique looking branches. It's just so beautiful. 

What is your favorite part of your job? 

Meeting new people and by far and away when a bride says yes and her and her family are emotional and hugging. It brings me such joy to be able to be a part of that special moment in their lives.

Bride and Jewel Co will be offering 10% off their orderable gowns and accessories and 20% off their off-the-rack gowns for Black Friday weekend 2023! The perfect time for 2024 brides to get their dream gown!

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