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Elegant Neutral Wedding Color Palette with a Pop of Gold!

Source: Feathers and Stone

We love a muted color palette because it's definitely an elegant and timeless choice - but we also love a pop of color! One of our favorite additions to a muted palette is gold. And it’s not only that gold adds vibrancy to an otherwise minimal look. What we love about it is that it’s modern and chic, and somehow equally classic and romantic - gold really stands the test of time like very few colors can.

On that note, we’ve put together some gorgeous wedding ideas for an elegant neutral palette with a pop of gold, and we’re pairing it with our stunning Lavender gown (from our latest Spring 2019 collection!) because, incidentally, it’s the perfect fit for this classy wedding look.

For more vibrant, lively decor, incorporating greens and whites is a great option as you can see from this tabletop image.

Photography: Greg Finck

You can also keep your decor very minimal for that understated elegant feel.

Source: The Style Co.

Lavender's simple elegance is a perfect match for this chic, understated wedding decor.

Source: Style Me Pretty

If your wedding is set to take place in the fall, these wedding table bloom colors are perfection.

Source: Style Me Pretty

We love the contrasting effect created by these soft oversized white blooms and bright gilded details.

Source: Iced Creations

We also love these muted tones & subtle cake frosting texture.

Photo source: unknown

Source: Gatherie Creative

Source: Style Me Pretty

As you can see, combining gold details with muted neutrals like ivorys, taupes and grays results in wedding decor that is both dreamy and elegant. Plus, additional colors like greens, or event crisp whites, create a more vibrant, modern feel that today's bride is sure to love!

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