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Our Favorite Wedding Gowns With Sleeves for the Modern Bride!

Wedding gowns with sleeves are here to stay, and we’re definitely not mad about it. Why? Because more wedding dress options means more opportunities for brides to showcase their unique personal style on their big day!

We all know sleeves add elegance to a classic wedding gown, but they can also add an element of whimsy and playfulness to a more modern or boho dress. Put simply, sleeves add a little extra personality to any dress style, and that is great news for today’s savvy bride. On that note, let’s dig into some of the different sleeve options you can choose from, and how each option is an opportunity really own your bridal style!

1. The illusion long sleeve | Gown: Salem S182112

What we love about Salem’s sleeve is its modern twist on the traditional illusion long sleeve. From Grace Kelly to Kate Middleton, this sleeve style has been used to add an extra touch of elegance to a traditional gown. Our Salem dress (and jumpsuit!) preserves that traditional aspect but with a modern flair. Just look at that perfectly fresh deep V tuxedo neckline - a playful combination of classic and modern!

Gown: Remi 18948 

If you lean toward the traditional, our Remi gown is definitely the one for you! We love the elegant balance created by the clean organza skirt and illusion lace bodice and sleeves. And did we mention Remi has pockets? Pretty cute, right?

2. The ¾ Sleeve | Gown: Adley S182116

The ¾ sleeve is modern and elegant in its own right, but add some strategically placed floral details and what you get is an extra element of romanticism and loveliness, as our Adley gown demonstrates here!

3. Illusion ¾ sleeve | Gown: Eliza 18969A

Eliza is your classic fit & flare gown that looks amazing on a curvy bride, but its combination of illusion and ¾ sleeve add a sort of classy playfulness many curvy bride gowns really lack. We love the way Eliza’s V neckline and back complement the sleeves and add a level of understated elegance and sexiness, too!

4. Cap sleeve | Gown: Eleanor S182119

When you think ‘cap sleeves’ do you picture cute and girly? Well our Eleanor is an ultra chic variation, and a perfect alternative for the more sophisticated bride. Think clean lines with just the right amount of beading placed strategically on the gown and cap sleeves.  

5. Butterfly sleeve | Gown: Lila 17841

For the whimsically inclined, our Lila gown is a dream! She has some of the prettiest floral sleeves and a youthful feel that is perfect for the quirky, fun loving bride!

These are just a few  of the many wedding gown sleeve styles brides are now able to choose from. The takeaway is that sleeves are not just for the modest or traditional bride. They’re just one more way to express your personality without having to be constrained by old wedding gown standards.

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