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Our Tips for Choosing The Perfect Wedding Gown Train!

Your wedding gown train is without a doubt one of the most important features to consider when searching for that special dress. And it’s no wonder - the bride’s ceremony entrance is one of the most memorable moments during the wedding, and not just for the bride, but for everyone in attendance.

If you have no idea what type of train you want your dress to have, you've come to the right place. We're sharing some tips that will help you get started thinking about the appropriate length and style for you. These days, there are so many options for brides that you can even have the best of both worlds when you choose a detachable train - just check out our Hayden, pictured above, which is soft, easy to wear, and comes with the loveliest detachable train! Now scroll down to check out our tips along with styles from our latest collection!

Court length

The court length train is best for a laidback wedding like a beach or outdoor wedding because it's short and easy to pick up and arrange without much fuss during the ceremony. As you can see from our Rylan, you'll want to keep the rest of the gown minimal and billowy if you're considering a beach or destination wedding - speaking of which, this gown is so easy to pack, for all you ladies thinking about a destination wedding!

Our Valentina is another great example of a court length train! An easy to pack gown for a destination wedding. It's also a bit more polished, but still a great option for an outdoor wedding.

Chapel train

Now, if you're thinking you'd like a little more train without losing that easy pick up and go feature, then your best option is a chapel length train like our Eletta, shown below. While a bit more formal and dramatic, it's still a great option for a garden wedding. You'll probably need a little help from your bridesmaids just to make it look it's best during the ceremony.

For an even more formal look, we recommend a ball gown like our Lavender which has that medium, chapel length train but is more dramatic thanks to the added volume of the dress.

Cathedral train

A cathedral length is a great option if you’re opting for a church or religious ceremony and you want to make a dramatic entrance, and it's also great for photos! Just make sure your gown has a bustle if you're planning to wear it to the reception as well.

For that extra WOW factor, however, choose the royal length train (you guessed it, that’s the longest train) which guarantees everyone will be taking about it for years to come! Think Kate Middleton on her wedding, because aren't we all still talking about it?

Now that we've shared a few tips on finding your perfect wedding dress, we recommend you check out our latest collection and start planning! Don't forget, the train is important and you want to pick the best, most comfortable option that fits your wedding theme.

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