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Royal Wedding Fever! Our Top Picks for That Modern Princess Look

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

So here’s a confession: we’re still not over all the Royal Wedding prettiness and excitement. But then again, who is? We definitely know brides everywhere will be recreating that simple yet elegant Meghan Markle wedding look this season. And for brides that need a more budget-friendly dress option, we’ve crafted some pretty special pieces, worthy of a modern-day princess, that will definitely not break the bank!

Shown from left: Style Salem, Orion, Selene, Adley
Shown from left: Style Salem, Orion, Selene, Adley

Of course, we’ve been known to create some of the dreamiest ball gowns out there, but this season’s collection incorporates styles that reflect Meghan Markle’s simple yet sophisticated style. What we’ve come up with is a combination of understated princess gowns and chic clean silhouettes that emphasize fit and craftsmanship.

Here’s our list of favorites to give you some inspiration. These are statement pieces that are perfect for the modern bride who, like Meghan Markle, needs to observe a level of tradition on her big day without compromising her personal style!

Clean & Minimal

Meghan Markle opted for clean and minimal looks, both for the ceremony and reception, which we applaud and love because that’s what our collection is all about! Our favorite Meghan Markle-style gowns from this season are Zella (S182107), Adley (S182116), and Eleanor (S182119). Each of these pieces feature that clean, sophisticated look modern brides love, with just the right amount of detail like laces, ¾ sleeves, illusion backs, and strategically placed minimal beading.

Understated Ball Gowns

Ball gowns have always been synonymous with royal weddings (hence, princess gowns!), so, no surprise this season we created our own princess-worthy gowns, only with less sparkle and more understated elegance - Meghan Markle style! Our picks are Sophia (S182113) and Audrey (S182101). Both of these gowns have some pretty details going for them without looking too flashy. A modern twist to the traditional ball gown!

There you have it, lovelies! Our favorite Royal Wedding inspired styles from our current collection, which is all about modern sophistication and strategically placed minimal details. Want more inspiration? Check out our entire collection here!

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