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Destiny + Michael's Majestic Colorado Wedding

Calling all lovers of the beautiful outdoors, this is a wedding you HAVE to see! Not only are the views incredibly stunning, the couple is equally as gorgeous too! You'll want to add this adventurous wedding to your Pinterest boards immediately. Trust us!

Destiny and Michael's love for traveling and natures beauty led them to a sweet and intimate elopement amongst the stunning Colorado mountains. Their sweet wedding was full of adventure, a breathtaking hike, a shared bottle of champagne with a picturesque backdrop, and fun and personal touches throughout their special day. Destiny looked stunning in her Evelyn Bridal gown and Michael's smile said it all!. They were both overjoyed to be sharing this moment together. We are so excited to share their love story with you!

How did you and Michael meet?

My husband, Michael, and I met in December of 2017 at a local bar & tavern in NE Ohio. I was there for a work Christmas party and Michael walked in with some buddies after a pick up basketball game. One of my close co-workers recognized him and played matchmaker pretty much! Michael convinced me to stay and talk while the rest of my colleagues were leaving for the night. We ended up talking for over 2 hours after everyone else left and we've been together ever since.

How did he propose?

We went on vacation to Zion National Park and Michael proposed at the top of one of the best hikes there, Angel's Landing. It was so nice because there was only one other person up there with us at the time and he was able to get photo/video of it (and that was not planned!).

What made you choose your wedding location? What was the best part about that? The hardest part?

We are from Ohio and decided to do a destination elopement/intimate wedding in Colorado. We chose Colorado simply for the beautiful scenery. We enjoy traveling and taking in nature's beauty so we thought it was the best place to get epic pictures! The best part is that we made a family vacation out of it and we got to do what we love- hike, see wildlife, take in the view. The hardest part would have to be the long distance planning. Being in another state made it more difficult to find vendors, location, plan the day, etc.

What was your experience like shopping for wedding dresses?

My experience shopping for wedding dresses was a lot more cumbersome than most I believe. I found out I was very picky after I went to probably 13-15 boutiques until finally finding my perfect gown at Luxe Redux Bridal Cleveland! My Evelyn gown was a dream and well worth the long search!

What was your favorite thing about your dress? How did you feel in the dress?

I loved the silhouette and detail of my dress. I got a much bigger train than I had anticipated and it was everything I didn't know I wanted! I felt like the most confident, prettiest princess version of myself ever!

Congratulations on your marriage and your beautiful wedding, Destiny and Michael! We are so happy for you and we hope your lives together are full of many more adventures!


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