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Fall 2022 Wedding Trends: Bold and Beautiful

The pandemic had a big impact on many couples trying to tie the knot the last couple of years. Couples and vendors alike have had to pivot their plans in ways they never would have imagined. Now that more and more couples are finally able to experience their dream day, we are seeing so many fun wedding trends! Lots of unique touches, plenty of personality, and beautiful design and style choices. Not to mention, we are seeing an influx in the number of weddings happening! The Knot predicts 2022 to be a record breaking year, with 2.6 million weddings this year alone! Here are some of our favorite trends we're seeing:

Color Trends: dusty orange and emeralds

Burgundy has been the unofficial color for Fall weddings for many years. It's still a personal favorite here! This year we are seeing a mix of classic burgundy along with couples choosing bold colors such as dusty orange and emerald. Both are absolutely classy and beautiful! We see these colors sticking around for a long time!

Floral Trends: Big, Whimsical, and Bold

There is something so special about the flowers brides choose for their wedding days! They're an amazing way to add personality and individual style to your wedding day. WE are seeing lots of big and whimsical arrangements. Perfectly imperfect with lots of texture and rich colors!

Sweetest Trend: Grandmother Flower Girls

Nothing makes us tear up more than the trend of grandmothers as flower girls! This is such a sweet way to include some of the most important women in your life and add a unique twist to your day while you're at it. Guests (and grandmas!) are sure to love this one.

Dress Trends: Glam, Bold, Unique

Dresses: Louise, Ruby, Willow

Texture, texture, texture! Texture in the form of lace, bold ruffles, dark colors. We are all about it! Glamorous gowns with fun details are big this season. We especially love fun touches like an unexpected color or big cape sleeves!

We are so excited to see these trends this season! As always, if you are an Evelyn Bridal bride, please tag us so we can ooh and aah over your amazing day! What are some of your favorite wedding trends this season?

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