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You're Engaged! Let's Talk About Your Wedding Dress!

The start of a new year is always full of so much joy and excitement. There is nothing like a fresh start and a clean slate. With a new year comes newly engaged couples, our absolute favorite! If you got engaged over the holidays, congratulations! We know how exciting and overwhelming this new season can feel. You might be feeling like you already have so much to think about and plan for. First, take a big deep breath and savor this moment. You get to marry the love of your life! Yay!

If you're hoping to get married sooner than later, your to do list may already be a mile long. From venues to caterers, you have so much to think about. In the weeks and months to come, we know you will also begin thinking about your dress (ahem, we're a little biased but this one is top of our list for us when it comes to planning!). Wedding dress shopping is such a fun experience! We've compiled a list of some commonly asked questions when it comes to dress shopping. We hope you find them helpful as you jump into the happiest (and possibly busiest!) season of our life!

When should I purchase my wedding dress?

Knowing when to purchase your dress is based off of how long you plan to be engaged for. Ideally, you should begin shopping for your dress 9-12 months before your planned wedding date. You will want to give yourself plenty of time to comfortably browse and allow time for any customization and alterations. Thinking of a shorter engagement? Don't worry! Though your timeline is short, there are plenty of options for you! Our friends at Penny Jane Bridal shared this awesome post with information on when you should be dress shopping if you intend to get married this year.

We suggest contacting your local bridal shop ASAP and seeing what they might have available on the rack for you. We have a handy retailer locator right here on our website! All of our retailers are the absolute best and we know you will be well taken care of! We also suggest attending a trunk show if you're able to. Trunk shows are the perfect opportunity to try on different designs and really get a feel for what is available and what suits your needs.

What are some non-obvious costs I should budget for?

When it comes time to think about your wedding dress budget, there are a couple things to consider besides the actual price of the dress. We suggest factoring in any tailoring costs, the possibility of rush delivery fees depending on when you order your dress, and all of your accessories (veil, jewelry, shoes, etc) . All of these details tend to add up over time. Don't let this stress you out though! With enough time and preparation, it is something you can plan for within your budget!

What's with bridal sizing?

We know, we know! Bridal sizing can be a little confusing. We suggest you brace yourself and know that bridal sizes tend to be 1-2 sizes bigger than what you normally wear. This is completely normal in the bridal world and nothing to be alarmed at! Know that no one besides yourself and your bridal consultant will know what size you are wearing. Focus on the fit and comfortability of your dress vs the number on the tag. We promise you will look and feel so much better if you take that approach!

Who should I bring shopping with me?

Wedding dress shopping is as much of an experience as any other event surrounding your wedding. For many it is a day they will always remember! We suggest picking a small handful of people whose opinions you highly value and trust. This may be your mom, sister, besties, co-worker. There are no rules! Simply ensure you bring along people who will be supportive and encouraging. This is such an exciting day and you want people to match your excitement and energy!

What should I bring to my appointments?

Proper undergarments are key to making sure you're able to take in exactly what your dress looks like. Leave your cute pink bra at home and opt for a nude strapless bra and nude bottoms if possible. If you have Spanx and plan on wearing them on your wedding day, bring those with you too!

We hope your wedding dress shopping experience is full of happiness and joy! If you have any further questions, we are always happy to help. And if you try on an Evelyn Bridal gown, please make sure you tag us @evelynbridal on Instagram. We love seeing all your happy faces! Happy shopping, friends!

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