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Chic and Intimate: Elopement Bridal Gowns for Your Dream Wedding Day

Updated: Jun 25

Amidst breathtaking landscapes or cozy hideaways, elopements offer a unique blend of intimacy, adventure, and personal authenticity. They allow couples to escape the stress of a large wedding, focus on their love for each other, and celebrate in a way that truly reflects them! Plus, they're a fantastic way to combine your wedding and honeymoon in one unforgettable experience. And of course, the aesthetics of it all? SO stunning!

In this guide, we explore the ethereal charm of elopement wedding dresses, from flowing silhouettes to unexpected details that capture hearts and create memories. Whether you're eloping on a mountaintop, by the sea, or in a hidden garden, let your gown tell a story as unique as your love!

Meet Our Elopement-Perfect Gowns


  1. Greta: Step into an aura of timeless elegance with Greta. Crafted from delicate ivory lace and soft tulle, this gown features a classic high/halter neckline and a captivating mermaid skirt. The understated flat lace exudes refinement, perfect for an intimate elopement.

  2. Ophelia: Ophelia merges opulent ivory crepe with exquisite detailing. Delicate ostrich feathers grace the cuffs of the long sleeves, adding ethereal elegance. The classic round neckline and fitted mermaid skirt ensure timeless grace and an enchanting presence on your special day.

  3. Peach: Peach is an ethereal crepe gown with intricate netting and delicate embellishments. The curved neckline and small A-line skirt ensure timeless grace. The train is adorned with two side appliqués, elevating sophistication and making it perfect for a romantic elopement.

  4. Lily: This gown exudes ethereal charm with its floral eyelash lace, concave mermaid hem, and romantic train. Perfect for beach weddings or intimate elopements, it flows gracefully and pairs beautifully with layered jewelry and a greenery bouquet. Ideal for a heavenly beach wedding or a serene mountaintop elopement.

  5. Luna: Timeless elegance defines this crepe mermaid wedding dress. Crisscross folds adorn the neckline, while structured boning provides support. The concealed zipper closure, delicate pleats, and stylish high slit make Luna an extraordinary choice for confident brides walking down the aisle.

  6. Rose: Embrace refined beauty with this exquisite crepe mermaid gown. Its simplicity and streamlined silhouette make it perfect for elopements in unique locations. Whether you’re saying your vows in a courthouse or a hidden garden, Rose ensures comfort and grace as you celebrate love.

Each of these gowns is designed to make you feel beautiful, comfortable, and true to yourself on your special day. So, if you’re dreaming of an intimate, authentic, and unforgettable elopement, our gowns are the perfect match for you.

We'd love to know which gown you'd pick for your own elopement! Wanting to see more? You can see these sweet dresses in action here, and if you're ready to find your own dream elopement gown you can find a retailer near you here!

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