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Erika + Armilles’ Boho Chic Family Affair Wedding!

There’s nothing more intimate than a family-involved wedding, especially when the beautiful children get to play an important role in the special event. For Erika and Armilles, hosting their wedding just a day before their daughter Zuri’s first birthday meant their special celebration need not only be about love, but also about creating a birthday memory the entire family could cherish forever. From being the dazzling flower girl, to receiving a live harmony of “Happy Birthday,” to smiling away in an impromptu family portrait session, Zuri shined bright in the spotlight with her lovebird parents.

Erika and Armilles exchanged vows in the lush countryside scenery of the Carriage House at Lac La Belle in Oconomowoc, WI. The reception flared a bohemian-chic theme with eucalyptus centerpieces, cream and rosey color tones, and vintage wood accents. The spacious and romantic setting boasted nothing short of breathtaking views.

The bride looked stunning in her Finley gown, purchased from Adore Bridal in Monton, Illinois. The gown was complemented with a pop of color from her gorgeous bouquet featuring red and pink roses, accented with burgundy flowers. She wore lovely sparkly sandals and loose braids in her hair, on par with the bohemian wedding theme.

Scroll down to view the couple's wedding album and read Erika’s telling of their sweet wedding story!

How did you and Armilles meet?

“Armilles and I met in college at work. We worked at Nike in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin, and he helped train me when I started working there.”

How did he propose?

“We had family pictures planned on top of Mount Lemmon in Tucson, Arizona. When we got to the location, we posed on top of a cliff that had a beautiful overlook of the mountains. He whispered in my ear how much he loved me and had a sweet speech prepared. Then he got down on one knee and proposed! Our daughter was only 2 months at the time, and my mom had put a onesie that said “She Said Yes” on her under her outfit. It was such a sweet moment!

What are some of the things you loved about planning your wedding?

“Some things I loved about wedding planning was going dress shopping, suit shopping, and picking out the bridesmaid dresses. Every woman dreams about that 'feeling' when you find your dress, and I experienced that feeling and it was very emotional. I also loved writing my vows..

..My husband and I decided to write our own vows and I feel like it made our ceremony that much more personal and special. Sitting alone and writing my vows allowed me to reflect on all the time we had together and how much I love him! Lastly, I loved having Armilles join me to meet the vendors. When we were going to appointments to choose vendors, my husband came with me. It was like we were going on a bunch of dates! It was sweet that he was involved and helped make decisions for our wedding.”

How did you choose your wedding dress?

“My dress experience was a unique one! I only went to two bridal stores back-to-back. My sister and my daughter joined me, while we FaceTimed my mom and dad who live out of state. When I was scheduling my appointment at Adore Bridal in Morton, IL, I saw a beautiful dress on the homepage of the website that was similar to the style I was looking for. When I arrived to the appointment, I asked my bridal consultant if that specific dress was available and it was. So, I tried it on and felt like it checked all the boxes for me! But I continued to try on dresses just to make sure since collectively I had only tried on about five dresses. All the dresses after that did not compare. I put the dress back on and the consultants jacked me up, and I just cried knowing that it was my dress! But then there’s more!..."

"Adore Bridal was hosting a wedding dress giveaway for all the brides who purchased a dress that week. I was the last appointment of the week and was entered into the giveaway. I didn’t think too much about and figured I’d hear from them the next day or so. I never heard from them and assumed another bride was lucky enough to win. The following Friday, I got a phone call from the owner who informed me that I had won my dress! I was refunded for the price of my dress and only paid $100 in tax. I won my dream wedding dress and that made it even more special!”

What are your favorite memories of your wedding?

“The most memorable part about my wedding was walking down the aisle with my dad, and seeing my husband getting very emotional. Also, he wrote the most amazing vows. He had to take a few breaks because he was getting choked up. My husband isn’t a very outwardly emotional person, so I was very surprised by his reaction. His happy tears made me feel so loved!”

Did you have a wedding theme?

“Our wedding theme could be considered bohemian chic. I wanted a casual, fresh, romantic wedding. It was light and bright with lots of blush, gold, burgundy and greenery. There was lots of candlelight to give the room a romantic glow. Our wedding was very family involved as well.”

What was it like having your little one involved in your wedding?

“As I mentioned before, our wedding was heavily family involved. We actually got married the day before our daughter, Zuri’s, first Birthday. So, we had a special cupcake for her with a number "1" candle at the reception, and all of our guests sang her "Happy Birthday." She was the flower girl during the ceremony, which will be special to reflect on. We also got some family portraits, as well as some of just me and her together. I can’t wait to share these with her one day and maybe even incorporate it into her wedding day in the future!”

Congratulations on a stunning wedding, Erika and Armilles! Thank you for allowing Evelyn Bridal to be a part of such a special celebration!

Blog written by Denise Figueroa


Flowers: Alfa Flowers

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