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Lauren + Cass' Romantic Industrial Wedding in Illinois!

If you ask us, Lauren and Cass are the perfect definition of a match made in heaven. Friends and family saw this love story happening years before it became a reality, and it's clear the couple couldn’t feel more blessed for this destined, faith-centered courtship.

Coming from a dedicated Christian family, there was no question their wedding day would take place in a church setting. Lauren and Cass exchanged vows inside a church altar and moved their reception over to the Roanoke Apostolic Christian Church Fellowship Hall in Roanoke, Illinois. The “romantic industrial” themed reception was filled with shades of burgundy, mauve, and sage green, topped with golden accents.

Lauren looked stunning in her Evelyn Bridal lace gown, featuring a bateau neckline and custom tulle overskirt. Her bridesmaids wore burgundy gowns topped with a white, short-sleeved lace top that effortlessly complemented her gown and wedding theme. She wore an updo hairstyle, accented by a sparkly, rose gold headband and white veil. What a beauty!

Scroll down to read Lauren’s telling of their love story and view their gorgeous wedding album, beautifully photographed by Teresa Klokkenga Photography!

How did you and Cass meet?

"We knew of each other for several years, had some mutual friends, and his aunt really made an effort to tell me about how great of a guy he was! There was also a "movie moment" where we were at the same restaurant, both with different groups of friends. I liked him, but didn't have any clue if he was interested. Once I knew he was coming, I specifically positioned myself so I could look out at the restaurant. He walked in, I looked up, and we made direct eye contact, and everyone else faded away...."

"He's pretty shy, and I know he wasn't expecting to see me, so he just walked right past looking for his friends as quickly as he could. And I was dying inside because it was so perfect how that worked out! There were some minimal interactions after that, but we finally got to have a conversation at an Easter sunrise service, and the rest is history... we became fast friends from there! And it definitely helped that we both had our eyes on each other for quite some time!"

How did he propose?

"Faith is an important part of both our lives. Our church practices marriage by faith, which encourages a person to prayerfully seek the Lord for direction before pursuing a relationship. Cass asked my dad for permission to marry me, and then put a proposal in to the elder of his church. This elder contacted my elder, and gave the proposal to my dad to give to me. It's such a special experience that is difficult to describe. I gave Cass my answer and we kept our engagement quiet until we could announce to our families and close friends. It was announced in church a week later, and we were officially public about our engagement. Our engagement was just under three and a half months."

What did you love about planning your wedding?

"I liked meeting with our vendors. I felt like these people all listened to what we were looking for, and took care to handle all of those details for our big day. I also liked getting to meet with the minister who was having our service. He knew me from when I was little, but wanted to get to know me and my husband on a more personal level. He asked us about our story, and was just so excited to get to be a part of our big day. After talking, my husband and I both agreed that he was our favorite person to tell, since he was so genuinely thrilled for how we came together. Lastly, we got to write our own vows and use a personal Bible to have those be written in. I believe these vows are so important, but they became even more meaningful since we could use our own wording."

What was the process of finding your dream dress like?

"Adore was the first and only bridal store that I went to. Janice, the store owner, happened to be my consultant, and she listened to my requests exactly. I wanted a dress that was fitted at the top, and had a little more flow at the bottom, with not too much beading. I had tried on two dresses, and then I put on my third, and it was all over from there. I got tears in my eyes, and could picture myself getting married in that dress! When Janice pulled back the curtain, my mom, sisters, sister-in-law, and nieces all lit up, and it was such a special moment!"

What are some of your favorite memories of your wedding?

"I'm most appreciative of our ceremony. This was a church wedding, that had about 400 attendees. My husband and I were able to sing a hymn with the congregation, while standing next to our mothers. The minister also brought up my brother and my husband's first cousin, two people who passed away at young ages and could not be there to celebrate with us. It was a beautiful day that gave God the glory for redeeming our broken pasts and bringing us together in a beautiful way!"

Congratulations on your blessed wedding, Lauren + Cass! Thank you for allowing Evelyn Bridal to be a part of such a special celebration!

Blog written by Denise Figueroa


Invitations - Etre Design & Co.

Catering - Renee Endress

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