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Ali & Rhonda’s Regal-Meets-Sultry Wedding!

Have you ever heard of elaborate two-part proposals where the guy takes the girl to a romantic French restaurant and has the ring served with dessert in a porcelain dish with chocolate-drizzled decorations? If you thought that only happened in movies, we’re with you. It turns out though it also happened in real life, to our gorgeous bride, Rhonda!

Reading about Ali’s proposal to Rhonda and their wedding deets was so fun (did I mention their wedding was featured in a Kleenex commercial in Canada?) - I’ll have to admit I was a bit jealous, in the best possible way, of course! - and it seriously had me thinking “I want to be friends with this stylish and super down to earth couple!”

Rhonda wore our Sibylla dress which features a sexy plunging V neckline and sparkly details, plus she ordered a custom slit, and wowzers, talk about glam perfection! The couple’s wedding portraits are regal and sultry all at once. Scroll down to see, and read all about their fun and über romantic wedding story!

We met the old school way – at a bar lol! It was cute and refreshing that I didn’t have to swipe a million times left, before I found ‘Right’.

How Ali proposed..

He planned an ‘overdue date night’ at a charming French restaurant “Auberge du pommier” that he had taken me to for our first year anniversary together. Within minutes of sitting down, he ordered us vodka sodas. I’ve never seen him down two vodka soda’s so fast LOL … the apps hadn’t even made it to the table and he was already ordering his third. I don’t know how I was so unsuspecting, really not like me. As the dessert came to the table it was served by the Manager, not our designated waiter; the presentation was elaborate, placed on the table with a gorgeous silver plated dome, and uncovered with poise and grace.

There sat my ring box, in the middle of a porcelain white dish with chocolate drizzle designing the edges. My husband is more on the reserved and shy side, however he got down on one knee – poor guy lol; and proposed in front of a restaurant filled with fixated on-lookers. I’m sure the ‘liquid courage’ he downed at the beginning of the night helped him get through it. It was very romantico - the whole proposal was caught on video by one of the staff members he had pre-arranged with to capture it all. A celebratory bottle of champagne and bouquet of roses were then brought to the table, we sipped our glass of champagne, and I walked out of the restaurant like Miss. Universe with flowers in-hand and crown on-finger.

‘..he had arranged a Part 2 of the proposal that involved us going to grab a drink at a bar with seemingly just two other couples (friends & family). On the way to the bar my head was in my phone – messaging out to our whole world that we were engaged, so naturally I wasn’t paying attention on the drive to the bar. However, I got smart lol and as we pulled into the parking lot, I looked around and started pointing out all the cars that were familiar … cars of close family and friends, he then started to sweat, haha. He quickly parked the car and ushered me into the restaurant. As much as I suspected more than 2 couples were waiting for us, what I walked into was STILL nowhere near what I could’ve imagined...

Picture Michael Jackson on-stage, people screaming without reservation – that roar just ran through the body like the bass of a 100 ft. speaker!! This audience spanned the entire length of that restaurant, lined the floor with applause, and belted out the craziest shouts of excitement, ALL in our honour – it was insane!! Every human should have the privilege of having a ‘welcoming-in’ crew like I did, it was a spectacular feeling. Hugs, kisses and best wishes were had, drinks in abundance and the Party. Officially. Started.

Rhonda's favorite things about planning her wedding..

Creating the vision (design/flowers) – loved!!! If I had to tag anyone, it would be my artful, creative-genius of a wedding designer: Oudalova Designs and Events. I know what I love, and I could put it together in my head and on paper, but to bring it to life is only done by the creator herself, Margarita Oudalova - sensational talent, she is! I found her on Instagram – thank God for Social Media!

Dress shopping - FUN! Coupled with that was the shoe shopping…just EVERYTHING SHOPPING!

I had only 6 months to plan my wedding and find a dress.. I was on a mission to find a ‘Berta’ inspired wedding gown, and I found even better in Evelyn Bridal!! I went to the boutique wedding shops in our Toronto equivalent to Rodeo Drive of LA, and found beautiful gowns, but surprisingly I didn’t love any of them – I was pretty discouraged at that point. I then went to a highly recommended boutique that was also downtown, and when I walked in … I was like, YASS! Glossy hardwood floors greeted me as soon as I stepped into this playground of sparkles, nude mesh & ivory, and shiny everything. This was the pick-me-up that I needed; it picked me up alright, and landed me in front of the altar wearing the stunnah, Sibylla, with a custom slit #rhondagotSibylla’d.

I was most enthralled about the opportunity of sharing our special day with a wide-audience by being featured in a Kleenex commercial. It was not just the commercial per se, it’s all of what came with this opportunity. It afforded us much more than just a simple commercial. It’s a lasting memory that captured a string of beautiful moments in our interactions with our loved ones, and with each other. It almost felt like a ‘movie of our life’ - an incredible and special gift.. As most couples feel, the day is a blur and to have a professionally designed montage of the day with all the very close family and friends featured in it, was nothing short of a blessing. For all the fave things a girl can have on her wedding day, mine was our story of moving and still moments told by the camera so brilliantly. It was a 9 minute video when all the editing was done and it is the most thoughtfully sewn together imagery of our day; our very own mini-series, “The Wedding Day”.

Congratulations, Rhonda & Ali!


Dress: Sibylla by Evelyn Bridal | Retailer: Ferre Sposa, Toronto, ON

Photography: Summit ArtWorks, Toronto, ON | Makeup:, Toronto, ON

Event Design: Oudalova Events & Design Inc, Toronto, ON | Venue: Mint Room Studios


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