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Alyssa + Christian's Spring Rustic Wedding in Salt Lake City

Around here, we think there are few things more magical than a spring wedding, which is why we were over the moon when we saw Alyssa’s wedding photos. As soon as we saw the first image, we just knew we had to share all the details of her wedding celebration, and help other couples get inspired by the sheer beauty of this spring rustic wedding in gorgeous Utah.

There’s so much to love about this wedding - from the dreamy cherry blossom trees, to the impressive castle-like Temple Square. But the one thing that stands out to us the most is the role family and friends played in making this union happen. That emphasis on strengthening friends and family ties is what makes this couple’s celebration all the more special, and you can definitely see it reflected in everyone’s faces. Our bride, Alyssa, was just beaming, and looking so lovely in our Brylee-AV gown.

Read on to find out how these lovebirds met, and the super romantic way Christian proposed to Alyssa!

How they met.. My husband and I were actually set up on a blind date! My friend asked her relative if he knew a really great guy she could set me up with, and Christian's name came to mind. Christian was initially against the idea of another blind date, but lucky for me he agreed to it!

The proposal.. Christian proposed a few days after New Years Eve in Arizona while we were visiting his family for the holiday. He completely threw me off by telling me the ring wouldn't be ready for a while and not to get my hopes up. His family created the most beautiful setting for the proposal with lights, pictures of our love story and flowers. He told me we were going to have dinner with some family friends but little did I know, I was about to get the surprise of a lifetime! Before we left he played our song on his guitar and later told me he was as nervous as could be. When we finally reached the location, he walked me past all of our pictures and popped the question. I gave him a double "YES!" without hesitation.

What Alyssa loved about planning her wedding..

1. I loved being in constant communication with my mom. She was the biggest help in the planning and execution of our big day. She made a process that is normally stressful fun and exciting with our daily phone calls and planning sessions.

2. I loved seeing everything come together in a way that so perfectly represented Christian and I. It was fun seeing all of our plans really come to life!

3. It was so much fun spending hours on Pinterest imagining all the possibilities for my dream wedding and making it our own.

Finding the dress..

Dress shopping was so fun because I got to do it with my mom, sister, aunt, cousin, and best friends. I felt like I was modeling in a fashion show as I tried on so many different dress styles in attempt to narrow down my options. I knew I was wearing MY dress the second I put it on. It was unlike any dress I had seen and fit me so perfectly. My feelings were confirmed when I stepped out of the dressing room to show my family and friends causing claps and tears. My wedding dress was the first part of my wedding I was really sure about! The rest of the wedding details fell into place after I found it. I loved my dress because it represented me so well, and I knew Christian would love it too.

Without question, the most memorable part of my wedding was celebrating with all the people I love and adore. There was such a feeling of support and happiness as I sealed the deal with the love of my life. My wedding day made me so grateful to have so many wonderful people in my life especially Christian. It's a day I will never forget because of those I shared it with.

Congratulations, Christian & Alyssa! You make the most beautiful couple and we wish you all the happiness and love in the world!


Dress: Brylee-AV | Retailer: Pritchett Bridal | Photography: Connie Balluff


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