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Ashley + Josh's Classic Rustic Wedding in Huntsville, Ontario!

If there was ever a wedding we would have loved to get invited to, Ashley and Josh's is it! These two have the cutest proposal story (you can read all about it below!), and we just love their playful personalities and how smitten they are with each other.

Ashley and Josh tied the knot during a lovely fall wedding that Ashley describes as "classic rustic charm" themed. They kept the florals simple and used a lot of "earthy green, less sparkles more candles," and kept the soirée intimate with a small guest list of close friends and family. Ashley wore the Elliot, our elegant ball gown featuring multiple layers of lace, delicate pearl and glass beaded straps, and a layer of sparkle under the lace that creates a subtle iridescence. The dress was not just stunning on Ashley but it was perfect for a classic rustic wedding.

Scroll down to read all about the couple's love story, and to view their wedding album, beautifully documented by Photographer Carissa Didier!

Finding the dress..

This actually shocked me. I was quite nervous, and brought along my sister, my husband's sister and his mother. We all walked around, picking about 10 different dresses, all different styles, that we thought may be the one..

The very first dress I tried on, was the one I was married in. As soon as I put that dress on and walked out for everyone to see, we all cried. Even other patrons and staff stopped to stare. That dress was made for me. It gave me all the immediate "feel good" feelings; it took my own breath away and I was actually able to envision me twirling around on the dance floor. While I reluctantly tried on all the other dresses, there was never a contest. The first one, was the only one. 

How they met..

If you can believe it, we met on Tinder.  I had been single for a year and a half and on Tinder, Never quite finding anyone worthy of a second date, let alone a future. I decided to give up on dating websites and take a break for awhile, but I had three last dates lined up. Josh, was the last date.

Most memorable moments..

Our first look. We were both filled with so much nervous excitement as we had been anticipating the "big reveal" since the day we became engaged... 

Not only was it everything we dreamed of, but it gave us a little time to spend just the two of us and reflect on why we were getting married in the first place. 

The proposal..

Josh and I love to laugh. We have a very silly relationship and like to bug one another often. 

I was stuck at home one day last January with my car in the mechanics. Josh had been calling me incessantly from work, wondering when I was getting my car back and leaving the house. He must have called me 14 times in a 3 hour span. The mechanics ran really late, and I never got to leave the house. I heard an odd knocking sound coming from our back door. I went to the door and there was Josh down on one knee, wearing no shoes, and he had a red rose in his teeth (Roses are my least favourite flower).

..I couldn't understand what he was doing, and confused I opened the door asking him why he wasn't at work, where his shoes were, and why did he have this silly flower in his mouth. 

I then noticed his shoes were on our patio table, behind him, propping up his phone which had the camera pointed towards us. As I started to piece together the puzzle, Josh was saying all sorts of sweet things, tears rolling down his cheeks. He pulled out a ring box and asked me to marry him. 

..When he opened that box, it revealed the most underwhelming ring I had ever seen. And this was a shock. It was obnoxious and clearly made of some sort of aluminum, and this was insane to me, because we had been ring "shopping" for a year or so now. He knew exactly what I was hoping for. Josh's tears quickly turned to laughter, as I stared at this hideous display, dumbfounded, but managed to squeak out a "yes."

..As I was trying on the ring that was 6 sizes too big, Josh pulled out another box and opened it to reveal the most beautiful teardrop diamond. 

He then explained that the ring I was holding was a fake from Walmart, and he was giving me the diamond and letting me design my own ring. It was the best decision he ever made - besides playing this very silly little trick on me, because my ring is custom to us and truly one of a kind. 

Wedding planning..​

I was fortunate enough to have complete control and plan this wedding myself. 

I loved that I was able to make it intimate, having only our closest family and friends to celebrate with us, and I eliminated the stress of a wedding party. We were also extremely lucky, getting our choice fall date and venue. I got to have an excuse to travel to cottage country every time I needed to do a tasting or have a hair trial. 

Congratulations, Ashley and Josh! We loved reading your story--thank you for making Evelyn Bridal part of your special day!


Retailer: Elizabeth & Beau Bridal | Photographer: Carissa Didier | Venue: Deerhurst Resort | Florist: Cottage Country Flowers | Wedding Coordinator: Holly Matrimony | Officiant: All Seasons Weddings

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