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Vianna + Randy's Classic Elegant Wedding

I don’t know about you but I just love those “boy meets girl” stories where the boy falls for the girl who initially doesn’t reciprocate but who, in the end, is won over by his thoughtful and loving personality. It’s such a universal love story and exactly how love happened to our Evelyn real bride, Vianna, and her groom Randy - a gorgeous couple from the Dominican Republic.

Vianna was just sixteen when she met Randy at a Quinceanera: He was my dance partner who didn’t know how to dance and I honestly didn’t like him at first. The whole “Quinceanera” passed and we kept in touch. A year later he asked me to be his girlfriend and the rest is history.

Vianna didn’t have a wedding theme, but she did know she wanted her wedding to be classic and elegant. She asked her wedding planner to use gold, white and peach colors, and asked that during the reception the lights be kept on the entire time because she wanted to see everybody’s face and make sure we were all having fun. And it’s a good thing she did because she looked radiant in her wedding gown!

Randy’s proposal..

I was studying abroad and came to spend the New Year with him and my family. Before my trip, I remember telling him that the only thing I regretted was that it was the first year we didn’t celebrate our birthdays together. When I arrived he said we were going to celebrate my birthday before the New Year - he wanted to make sure there wasn't anything for me to regret.

Randy invited our families and some of our close friends. At first, I thought it was crazy but I said it was a good excuse to see everybody on New Year's Eve. He made sure there was cake, lots of people, and balloons everywhere. One hour before midnight, the guests sang happy birthday and my mom was like “you need to cut the cake.” Little did I know that my engagement ring was inside the cake! He immediately got on one knee and proposed! His words were “do you want to be my wife?” I freaked out said “Nooo, I can’t believe it, are you serious!?” I could feel his nervousness and then I said “YES, OF COURSE.” After that, we were all celebrating a new year and a new life chapter in our lives.

Planning the wedding..

Planning a wedding is no joke! But what I enjoyed the most during the whole process (I love parties) was the decision making - it was everything about the bride!

Finding the dress..

It was the most traumatic part in the entire process. I dreamed of getting married in a long sleeve dress. Even though that style is not the most popular in the Dominican Republic, I found some options but they really didn’t make me feel special. I wanted my dress to be meaningful and to reflect my personality (I’m all about that classy-sexy over the top vibe).

It was my fourth visit to LaNovea and one of the girls looked at me and said: “what are we going to do with you?" I answered: find me a dress that makes me feel I want to get married today. She left the room and came back saying: here’s one I was saving for last, I hope you like it. I tried it on and my whole tribe was outside waiting for me to come up. I honestly felt something I cannot explain when I looked at myself in the mirror. It was everything I wanted in a dress (and that’s extremely difficult to say for a bride). Besides the long sleeve, it was full of silver tone beaded appliqués which made it look elegant, the bottom was in organza and I felt like a true princess! Plus it had a sexy V neckline and pockets… I mean… could I ask for more? I felt so comfortable in it I knew I could dance all night long (and I did).

Vianna’s favorite moments from the wedding..

The most memorable thing about my wedding was when my husband read his vows. I was speechless and cried like a baby the entire time. Even though we previously agreed on me going first because he is really shy… he said he was going to start and so he did. He said the most beautiful things to me at church in front of 170 people, it honestly reminded me the reason why I married him… he makes me feel loved!

Can you believe how good these two are together? We're definitely thrilled Randy was persistent and got to keep the girl.. forever! We wish these cuties tons of love and all the happiness in the world!


Gown: Remi | Bridal Boutique: Lanovea, Santo Domingo | Makeup: Ciela Makeup

Video: TimeCut Studio | Photography: Eloy Perez Baez


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